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Strength criteria for concrete and their comparison with experiments

: Altenbach, Holm; Kolupaev, Vladimir

Khan, A.S.:
Advanced Plasticity, Damage, and Fracture with Applications : Proceedings of ICPDF 2018, the Twenty Fourth International Conferences on Plasticity, Damage, and Fracture, San Juan, Puerto Rico, January 3-9, 2018
Fulton, Md.: NEAT Press, 2018
ISBN: 978-0-9911654-5-2
3 S.
International Conferences on Plasticity, Damage, and Fracture (ICPDF) <24, 2018, San Juan/Puerto Rico>
Fraunhofer LBF ()

The comparison of multiaxial stress states with the uniaxial one can be based on the concept of the equivalent stress. This concept is the starting point, for example, for formulation of strength criteria. Various critearia were suggested during the last two centuries. The choice of an appropriate criterion should be made with respect to the material, but also loading cases. Thus, one has to distinguish criteria for brittle and ductile materials, but also pressure-insensitive and pressure-sensitive cases. The alternative is the formulation of generalized strength criteria which contain classical criteria (TRESCA, HUBER-VON MISES-HENCKY, SCHMIDT-ISHLINSKY, RANKINE) and are suitable for several materials. Examples are the generalized criteria of ALTENBACH-ZOLOCHEVSKY, CAPURSO-HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PODG´O RSKI-BIGONI-PICCOLROAZ, and YU. In the present work they are selected to describe data for concrete.