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JPEG XS: The new low complexity codex standard for video production

IBC 2017 Technical paper
: Keinert, Joachim; Lorent, Jean-Baptiste; Descampe, Antonin; Rouvroy, Gaël; Fößel, Siegfried

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Online im WWW, 2017
International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) <2017, Amsterdam>
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
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Kameratechnik; Bilddatenformat

Due to increasing resolutions and 360° capture, broadcast and video production is characterised by handling large data volumes. To ease such data intensive workflows a novel image and video codec called JPEG XS is currently standardised. It focuses on film production, broadcast and ProAV markets and excels by ultra-low latency and ultra-low complexity. Moreover, it permits multiple encoding and decoding cycles with minimum quality loss and it can be implemented on different platforms such as CPU, GPU, FPGA and ASIC. The paper describes these properties in more detail and explains how they help to devise optimal video and transmission workflows. Moreover, it details the used technologies in form of a block diagram and summarises the results of the quality evaluation ensuring visually lossless compression.