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Hierarchical zeolite ZSM-58 as shape selective catalyst for methanol-to-olefins reaction

: Selzer, Carolin; Biemelt, Tim; Werner, Anja; Kaskel, Stefan


Microporous and mesoporous materials 261 (2018), S.51-57
ISSN: 1387-1811
Fraunhofer IWS ()
DDR; hierarchical; desilication; pore growth moderator; methanol-to-olefin

A hierarchical zeolite ZSM-58 architecture, with zeolitic DDR topology, was synthesized via postsynthetic desilication using sodium hydroxide solutions with varying concentration in presence of tetraethylammonium ions acting as pore growth moderator. Resulting ZSM-58 materials were analyzed by X-ray diffraction, argon physisorption, scanning electron microscopy and temperature-programmed desorption of ammonia. By varying the base concentration, intracrystalline mesopores with a volume up to 0.50 cm3 g−1 were introduced. Due to enhanced adsorption/desorption kinetics, all desilicated ZSM-58 samples exhibited longer catalytic lifetime and higher product yields in the methanol-to-olefins (MTO) reaction compared to purely microporous ZSM-58. All catalyst materials achieved a remarkably narrow product spectrum with yields around 80% for the C2-/C3-fraction and absence of products larger than C5.