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Programming in the Sleptsov net language for systems control

: Zaitsev, D.; Jürjens, J.

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Advances in mechanical engineering 8 (2016), Nr.4, 11 S.
ISSN: 1687-8132
ISSN: 1687-8140
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
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In this article, the principles of programming in the Sleptsov net language are further developed with respect to the restrictions on the control flow and its composition with data. The conditions of correctness of Sleptsov net programs are formulated in the form of additional restrictions on copying parameters of modules and using global variables. Flags are added for correct manipulation by shared data. In the general case without restrictions on the program composition rules, the problem is reduced to the soundness of workflow nets with shared resources; there are several useful particular cases when the algorithm complexity is polynomial. Examples of Sleptsov net programs for the fast solution of production control tasks are presented.