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On-line measurement using radar: A new revolution in process automation?

: Jelali, M.; Zander, D.; Nußler, D.

Cernye Metally = Ferrous metals (2016), Nr.7, S.55-63
ISSN: 0132-0890
Fraunhofer FHR ()

Strict conditions in steel production and processing complicate usage of sensors in rolling, thereby determination of strip parameters and characteristics of technological process can be either sometimes realized approximately, or it can be impossible at any process stages. The results obtained lately in the field of development of radar technics in combination with intellectual analytical methods for measured signal can lead to creation of the new prospective measurement systems that will allow for the first time to register hardly determined parameters of rolling mills with high degree of reliability and precision. It opens the new opportunities for iron and steel industry that were not used before and now can be applied both for quality improvement of rolled strip (e.g. due to minimization of length deviations) and for productivity rise (e.g. due to strip traffic stabilization). To realize these aims, Asinco GmbH together with its partners from scientific-research ce nters and production plants has developed the new processes and products described in this paper. One of such systems for strip width measurement at the entrance of pickling line is now under testing. The pilot radar device for speed measurement of slab transportation is tested on the other production site. The radar devices for quality control of rolled strip surface is in the process of development now, and the radar devices for flatness determination are included in the development plans.