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Reliability characterization of aerosol jet printing technology for multilayer secure envelopes

: Lecavelier, A.; Tezenas, A.; Brizoux, M.; Roscher, F.; Saeidi, N.

Otto, T. ; Fraunhofer-Institute for Electronic Nano Systems -ENAS-, Chemnitz; Fraunhofer-Institut für Zuverlässigkeit und Mikrointegration -IZM-, Berlin:
Smart Systems Integration 2017 : International Conference and Exhibition on Integration Issues of Miniaturized Systems, 8 - 9 March 2017, Cork, Ireland
Auerbach /Vogtl.: Verlag Wissenschaftliche Scripten, 2017
ISBN: 978-3-95735-057-2
ISBN: 3-95735-057-3
International Conference and Exhibition on Integration Issues of Miniaturized Systems <2017, Cork>
Fraunhofer ENAS ()

Security has become a vital part of electronic products that handle sensitive data in uncontrolled environments and they face more and more content protection issues. This work describes one module of a new security tool box which can be obtained by introducing functionalized packages with three-dimensional conformal conductive multilayer stack. When working with non-planar substrates, classical methods used in semiconductor business may not be readily applicable. We introduce a new method for the interconnection between multilayers of additively manufactured functional structures, formed on substrates with some level of 3D form factor and present the reliability characterization of this technology. In the proposed method a polymer (parylene) thin film is used as an insulation layer between the conductive multilayers and the interconnect vias are opened by a fine-tuned laser ablation process. The entire process for conductive multilayer fabrication and via filling is pe rformed by aerosol jet printing (AJP) technique. A test program based on high temperature storage, thermal cycling and pull tests is followed to compare several configurations.