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Parenchymal liver blood volume and dynamic volume perfusion CT measurements of hepatocellular carcinoma in patients undergoing transarterial chemoembolization

: Rathmann, Nils; Kerim, Kara; Budjan, Johannes; Thomas, Henzler; Smakic, Arman; Schoenberg, Stefan O.; Diehl, Steffen


Anticancer research 37 (2017), Nr.10, S.5681-5685
ISSN: 0250-7005
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Blut; Chemotherapie; CT measurement; Krebs

Aim: Prospective comparison of cone beam C-Arm CT based parenchymal liver blood volume (PLBV) and dynamic volume perfusion CT (dVPCT) measurements in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) undergoing transarterial chemoembolisation (TACE) with drug-eluting beads (DEB).
Patients and Methods: In 16 patients, changes of PLBV and dVPCT measurements [arterial liver parenchyma (ALP); temporal maximum intensity projection (MIP); hepatic perfusion index (HPI); portal venous parenchyma] were correlated to one another and to the modified Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors (mRECIST).
Results: After TACE, the following parameters showed a statistically significant change (p<0.05) in mean value: PLBV: -4.85 ml/100 ml, ALP: -4.14 ml/100 ml/min, MIP: -0.23 Houndsfield units, HPI: -5.39%, and mRECIST: -20.53 mm. Pre-to-post TACE differences in PLBV showed only weak to very weak correlation to dVPCT parameters (r2<0.24). Conclusion: Although PLBV and dVPCT parameters sho wed only a weak to very weak correlation, both methods validly assessed changes in arterial tumor vascularity after DEB TACE.