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Conceptual and empirical advances in analysing policy mixes for energy transitions

: Rogge, Karoline; Kern, Florian; Howlett, Michael

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Energy research & social science 33 (2017), S.1-10
ISSN: 2214-6296
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coherence; consistency; energy transition; policy mix; policy process; policy strategy

Energy transitions face multiple barriers, lock-in, path dependencies and resistance to change which require strategic policy efforts to be overcome. In this regard, it has been increasingly recognised that a multiplicity of instruments - or instrument mixes - are needed to foster low-carbon transitions. In addition, over the past few years a broader conceptualization of policy mixes for sustainability transitions has emerged which we adopt in this special issue. Such a broader perspective not only examines the interaction of instruments, but also captures corresponding policy strategies with their long-term targets and pays greater attention to the associated policy processes. It also encompasses the analysis of overarching policy mix characteristics such as consistency, coherence or credibility, as well as policy design considerations. Furthermore, it embraces the analysis of actors and institutions involved in developing and implementing such policy mixes. To explicitly consider these further aspects of policy mixes, this special issue includes fifteen papers with different analytical perspectives drawing on a range of social science disciplines, such as environmental economics, innovation studies and policy sciences. It is our hope that the conceptual and empirical advances presented here will stimulate diverse future research and inform policy advice on policy mixes for energy transitions.