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Oxide multilayer thermoelectric generators

: Töpfer, Jörg; Reimann, Timmy; Schulz, Thomas; Bochmann, Arne; Capraro, Beate; Barth, Stefan; Vogel, Andy; Teichert, Steffen


International journal of applied ceramic technology 15 (2018), Nr.3, S.716-722
ISSN: 1546-542X
ISSN: 1744-7402
European Commission EC
ESF; 2011 FGR 0132; TherMuMox
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Cofiring; multilayer thermoelectric generator; oxide thermoelectric; transversal thermoelectric effect

Oxide multilayer thermoelectric generators (MLTEG) were fabricated, using the standard multilayer technology. Green tapes of p-type La2CuO4 and n-type Nd2CuO4 thermoelectric oxides were stacked with intermediate insulating glass layers. Electrical contacts between thermoelectric oxides were applied, using screen-printing of AgPd paste, and multilayers were cofired at 1000°C. However, cofiring of four different materials turned out to be very challenging, and contact resistance problems frequently led to device malfunctions. We developed a new concept of a transversal multilayer thermoelectric generator (TMLTEG), which is characterized by a simple design. This generator is build up by stacking layers of a p- or n-type thermoelectric oxide and printing stripes of AgPd paste onto the thermoelectric layers at an angle with respect to the temperature gradient. Transversal multilayer thermoelectric generators were fabricated using p-type La2CuO4, or n-type substituted CaMnO3; cofiring of the multilayer stacks was performed at 1000°C. The TMLTEG based upon p-type lanthanum cuprate exhibits a power output of 7.8 mW at ∆T= 200 K in the low temperature range of 25-135°C. Materials issues, cofiring characteristics, design and the thermoelectric performance of multilayer TEGs will be discussed.