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Potenziale zur Wertstoffrückgewinnung aus gemischten Gewerbeabfällen im Raum Würzburg

Potential for material recovery from mixed commercial waste in the Würzburg region
: Reh, Katharina; Franke, Matthias; Linke, Holger; Kutscher, Alexander

Müll und Abfall 49 (2017), Nr.9, S.440-446
ISSN: 0027-2957
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Sulzbach-Rosenberg ()

In the article, the effects of the amendment of the German Commercial Waste Ordinance (GewAbfV) on the catch mentarea of waste-to-energy plant Würzburg have been evaluated on behalf of Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft Raum Würzburg (ZVAWS). The arising mixed commercial waste amounts and composition have been considered in the survey. Furthermore, commercial enterprises were interviewed and an industrial sorting trial was performed. The examined waste samples held a substantial share of recyclable materials. The interviews with commercial enterprises showed that many recycleables are already collected separately but there still is a potential for increasing the separate collected amounts. The extent of enforcement will have a substantial impact on commercial enterprises activities in this regard. Concerning the industrial sorting, the quota requirements of the amendment are not met in current practice according to the sorting trial and literature review. The separate collection quote seems to be limited due to economic reasons, the recycling quote in sorting processes may additionally be influenced by quality requirements on output fractions. Nevertheless, the authors expect the sorting obligation to affect the mass flows significantly. In the future, a large share of mixed commercial waste will still be subject to energetic recovery. But compared to current state, more material will be used in RDF plants compared to municipal waste incineration plants.