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Onkopti® - digitalized and standardized oncological therapy protocols in the internet

: Link, H.; Wickenkamp, A.; Huber, J.; Dresel, A.; Engert, R.; Kunz, C.; Lichtenberger, S.; Mahlmann, S.; Schäfer, B.; Zehnder-Kiworr, C.; Krämer, I.; Kßsler, C.; Lengen, R. van

Oncology research and treatment 39 (2016), Supplement 3, S.290
ISSN: 2296-5270
ISSN: 2296-5262
Deutsche, Österreichische und Schweizerische Gesellschaften für Hämatologie und Medizinische Onkologie (Jahrestagung) <2016, Leipzig>
Fraunhofer IESE ()

Oncological protocols for pharmacotherapy of cancer are compiled from original papers, guidelines, textbooks, collections of protocols, study groups and congress articles. Creating and updating completely new protocols is complex, time consuming and unstandardized. For these reasons, implementation of permanent and numerous innovations in clinical standards is often considerably delayed. Furthermore, a central quality assurance is neither in place nor is there a functioning variant management of routine clinical protocols.
The information system Onkopti® ( provides clinical oncologists with current and editorially screened data on routine oncological protocols and study protocols for solid tumours and haemoblastoses via download from the internet. In addition, all protocol-relevant information, such as literature citations, medical societies’ recommendations and guidelines, toxicity as well as information on supportive and adjuvant therapy, advice for carrying out the protocols, control parameters, etc. are captured and can be pulled up, as needed. Working together with external experts and study groups, which contribute to the editorial work flow, experienced specialists in oncology, haematology and pharmacy review the internet protocol databank in form and content and maintain constant quality assurance. After successful validation, the protocol is released. A protocol can be viewed and printed out in different degrees of scope and detail. Over 700 protocols are available and are amended continuously. A mini-version is freely available in the internet.
The attending physician can simply download the standardised treatment protocol in the form of an Excel document. This document also includes supportive and adjuvant therapy and allows the physician to generate a patient-specific, daily medication schedule. Exporting complete protocols in the Cato programme for individualized therapy, adjuvant care and preparation of cytostatics in the pharmacy is part of daily routine practice.
Onkopti® offers digitalised, standardised therapy protocols for download and enables further use of complete protocols in computerized physician order entry systems. The resources for protocol generation can be centralised, thereby freeing up the user’s resources. The central internet-based databank Onkopti® enables pharmacists and physicians to establish and conduct optimal oncological therapy which is state of the art in terms of quality assurance and standards.
Disclosure: Hartmut Link: Honoraria: Onkopti: UrheberrechtRolf van Lengen: No conflict of interest disclosed.