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Providing and Adapting Information Assistance for Smart Assembly Stations

: Aehnelt, Mario; Bader, Sebastian


Bi, Yaxin (Ed.):
SAI Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys) 2016. Proceedings. Vol.1
Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2018 (Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems 15)
ISBN: 978-3-319-56993-2 (print)
ISBN: 3-319-56993-7 (print)
ISBN: 978-3-319-56994-9
Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys) <20, 2016, London>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Information assistance; Activity recognition; Digitized Work; Human computer interaction (HCI); Guiding Theme: Digitized Work; Research Area: Human computer interaction (HCI)

Information assistance helps in many application domains to structure, guide and control human work processes. However, it lacks a formalisation and automated processing of background knowledge which vice versa is required to provide ad-hoc assistance. In this paper, we describe our conceptual and technical work to provide information assistance for smart assembly stations. Our contribution comprises a conceptual architecture which was implemented in an industrial prototype, the Plant@Hand smart assembly trolley. We describe three major aspects of our approach, the recognition of assembly tasks based on probabilistic models, decision making using a cognitive architecture, and strategies for dealing with sensor-based and knowledge-based errors. Finally, we present the industrial prototype setup.