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Different encapsulation strategies for implanted electronics

Comparison of titanium, ceramic and silicone material for implant body
Verschiedene Kapselungsstrategien für implantierbare Elektronik
: Winkler, Sebastian; Edelmann, Jan; Ruff, Roman; Welsch, Christine

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Current directions in biomedical engineering 3 (2017), Nr.2, S.725–728
ISSN: 2364-5504
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biomedizinische Technik (DGBMT Jahrestagung) <51, 2017, Dresden>
Dreiländertagung Medizinische Physik <2017, Dresden>
Jahrestagung der Biomedizinischen Technik (BMT) <2017, Dresden>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
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Implant; encapsulation; titanium; silicone; ceramics

Recent advancements in implant technology include increasing application of electronic systems in the human body. Hermetic encapsulation of electronic components is necessary, specific implant functions and body environments must be considered. Additional functions such as wireless communication systems require specialized technical solutions for the encapsulation.In this paper 3 different implant strategies based on the material groups silicone, ceramics and titanium alloys are evaluated. With the background of a specific application the requirements for the encapsulation are defined and include the implementation of electrical feedthroughs, wireless communication and wireless energy transfer as well as biomedical specifications such as hermetic sealing, mechanical stability and biocompatibility. The encapsulations are manufactured and qualified experimentally.