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Plasmapolymeric coating protects elastomers against wear

: Schmidt, Stefanie; Paulowski, Dominik

International Polymer Science and Technology 44 (2017), Nr.3, S.184-189
ISSN: 0307-174X
ISSN: 1478-2405
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

Improved energy efficiency and durability are demanded for sealing components in multiple industries. Flat elastomer plates were coated with a polymeric film (SiOxCyHz) in a plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition process. The film thickness was varied from approximately 0.7 μm to 4.0 μm. Tribological lifetime tests were performed as a function of the applied film thickness. The investigated elastomeric substrate materials were acrylic rubber, fluoro rubber and nitrile but adiene rubber. Oscillating ball-on-plate contact was chosen to induce rapid wear. Significant wear protection was found to depend on applied load and elastomer type. Film thicknesses in the range of 1 μm to 2.5 μm were recommended.