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Magnetic resonant wireless power transfer with L-shape arranged resonators for laptop computer

: Choi, J.H.; Kang, S.H.; Jung, C.W.


Journal of electromagnetic engineering and science 17 (2017), Nr.3, S.126-132
ISSN: 2234-8409 (Print)
ISSN: 2234-8395
Fraunhofer HHI ()

In this study, we designed, measured, and analyzed a rearranged L-shape magnetic resonance coupling wireless power transfer (MRWPT) system for practical applications with laptops. The typical four resonator MR-WPT (Tx part: source loop and Tx coil; Rx part: Rx coil and load loop) is difficult to apply to small-sized stationary and mobile applications, such as laptop computers, tablet-PCs, and smartphones, owing to the large volume of the Rx part and the spatial restrictions of the Tx and Rx coils. Therefore, an L-shape structure, which is the orthogonal arrangement of the Tx and Rx parts, is proposed for indoor environment applications, such as at an Lshaped wall or desk. The relatively large Tx part and Rx coil can be installed in the wall and the desk, respectively, while the load loop is embedded in the small stationary or mobile devices. The transfer efficiency (TE) of the proposed system was measured according to the transfer distance (TD) and the misaligned locations of the load loop. In addition, we measured the TE in the active/non-active state and monitor-open/closed state of the laptop computer. The overall highest TE of the L-shape MR-WPT was 61.43% at 45 cm TD, and the TE decreased to 27.9% in the active and monitor-open state of the laptop computer. The conductive ground plane has a much higher impact on the performance when compared to the impact of the active/non-active states. We verified the characteristics and practical benefits of the proposed L-shape MR-WPT compared to the typical MR-WPT for applications to L-shaped corners.