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Mutual Information-Based Tracking for Multiple Cameras and Multiple Planes

: Wen, Zhuoman; Kuijper, Arjan; Fraissinet-Tachet, Matthieu; Wang, Yanjie; Luo, Jun


Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 42 (2017), Nr.8, S.3451-3463
ISSN: 2193-567X
ISSN: 2191-4281
ISSN: 1319-8025
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Computer vision; Camera tracking; Image registration; Mutual information (MI); Nonlinear optimization; Digitized Work; multi-camera tracking

Based onmutual information (MI), this paper proposes a systematic analysis of tracking a multi-plane object with multiple cameras. Firstly, a geometric model consisting of a piecewise planar object and multiple cameras is setup. Given an initial pose guess, the method seeks a pose update that maximizes the global MI of all the pairs of reference image and camera image. An object pose-dependent warp is proposed to ensure computation precision. Six variations of the proposed method are designed and tested. Mode 1, i.e., computing the 2nd-order Hessian of MI at each step as the object pose changes, leads to the highest convergence rates; Mode 2, i.e., computing the 1st-order Hessian of MI once at the beginning, occupies the least time (0.5-1.0 s). For objects with simple-textured planes, applying Gaussian blur first and then useMode 1 shall generate the highest convergence rate.