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Data signal transmission in a wireless communication system with reduced end-to-end latency

: Hellge, Cornelius; Haustein, Thomas; Schierl, Thomas; Efimushkina, Tatiana; Thiele, Lars

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WO 2017/102037 A1: 20151218
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Reducing latency (below 1ms) for so-called 5G Ultra Low Delay (ULD) services. This implies reducing the TTI length so that an UE can start demodulating data after reception of a complete short TTI. TTI length can be reduced down to one OFDM symbol in time. Subframe format (distribution of reference, control and payload symbols) is modified such as to ensure constant payload rate per TTI (ie 10 subcarriers out of 12 of an RB for every time symbol are dedicated to payload). Two further ideas concern signalling of the TTI length within the so-called Master Information Block and the simultaneous mixed TTI length carrier aggregation scenario.