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Flaechiges Waermedaemm-Element

Flat heat insulation element comprises first and second air-impermeable layers together defining filled chambers which are spaced from one another by web faces outside of chambers for dividing off elements without damage.
: Hauser, G.

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DE 102004044410 A: 20040914
DE 2004-102004044410 A: 20040914
EP 2005-19599 A: 20050909
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DE 102004044410 B4: 20070920
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Es wird ein flaechiges Waermedaemm-Element mit einer ersten luftundurchlaessigen Schicht (1) und einer zweiten luftundurchlaessigen Schicht (2) und mit von den luftundurchlaessigen Schichten (1, 2) begrenzten, mit einem Abstandshaltermaterial (4) gefuellten, evakuierten Kammern (3) beschrieben. Erfindungsgemaess sind eine Anzahl von evakuierten Kammern (3) in der Flaeche des Waermedaemm-Elements (10) liegend vorgesehen, die voneinander durch ausserhalb der Kammern (3) befindliche Stegflaechen (5) beabstandet sind, an denen das flaechige Waermedaemm-Element (10) ohne Verletzung der die Kammern (3) begrenzenden luftundurchlaessigen Schichten (1, 2) zerteilbar ist.


DE1004044410 A UPAB: 20060426 NOVELTY - The heat insulation element comprises a first air-impermeable layer and a second air-impermeable layer which together define chambers filled with spacer material. A number of these evacuated chambers (3) are provided horizontal in the surface of the element and are spaced from one another by web faces (5) which are located outside of the chambers whereby the heat insulation element can be divided off without damaging the air-impermeable layers. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - The web faces can be formed by flat surface support material connected to the evacuated chambers. USE - For insulating ceilings and walls. ADVANTAGE - Can be used over a wide area. The insulation elements can be better fitted to the required dimensions since they can be broken up into small segments without damage.