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Monomolecular pyrenol-derivatives as multi-emissive probes for orthogonal reactivities

: Finkler, B.; Riemann, I.; Vester, M.; Grüter, A.; Stracke, F.; Jung, G.

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Comprehensive series in photochemical & photobiological sciences (2016), Nr.15, S.1544-1557
ISSN: 2041-9724
ISSN: 2041-9716
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IBMT ()

Photoacids on the basis of pyrenol have been extensively studied in the past 60 years. As their photophysical properties strongly depend on the substituents at the aromatic scaffold, we introduced two reactive moieties with different electronic coefficients thus creating multi-wavelength fluorescent probes. One probe is capable of monitoring two orthogonal transformations by four fluorescence colors, distinguishable even by the naked human eye. Another derivative can act as a three-color sensor for a wide range of different pH values. Both the presented compounds allow for mimicking of fundamental and advanced two-input logic operations due to the multi-wavelength emission. Furthermore, these compounds can process information in a logically reversible way (Feynman gate).