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Electrochemical machining of a solid-state sintered ceramic - a parameter study

: Schneider, Michael; Safonowa, Elena; Junker, Nils; Schubert, Nora; Michaelis, Alexander


International journal of refractory metals and hard materials 68 (2017), S.19-23
ISSN: 0263-4368
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG
SCHN 785/11-2
Wechselwirkung zwischen Gefüge und elektrochemischem Verhalten von carbidkeramischen Werkstoffen unter ECM-Bedingungen
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
silicon ceramic; ECM; SiC

The present work deals with the electrochemical machining (ECM) of a commercial produced solid-state sintered silicon carbide ceramic (EKasic). Current controlled pulse experiments under near-ECM conditions are carried out using a micro-electrochemical flow cell. The influence of different pulse-on time and pulse amplitude, respectively, on the efficiency, the removal rate and the surface morphology was studied. The results clearly show that the higher the applied current density and the longer the pulse-on time the higher the removed material volume. Again, the current efficiency is limited at approximately 25%. Supplementary, electrolyte variations regarding concentration and temperature show a small influence on the efficiency.