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Time-stretched real-Time measurement technique for ultrafast absorption variations with TS/s sampling-rate

: Weber, S.; Waller, E.H.; Kaiser, C.; Freymann, G. von

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Optics Express 25 (2017), Nr.13, S.14125-14133
ISSN: 1094-4087
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer ITWM ()

We present a real-Time measurement technique, based on time-stretching for measuring the temporal dynamic of ultrafast absorption variations with a sampling-rate of up to 1.1 TS/s. The single-shot captured data are stretched in a resonator-based time-stretch system with a variable stretch-factor of up to 13.8. The time-window of the time-stretch system for capturing the signal of interest is about 800 ps with an update-rate of 10 MHz. An adapted optical backpropagation algorithm is introduced for reconstructing the original unstretched event. As proof-of-principle the temporal characteristic of a picosecond semiconductor saturable absorber mirror is measured: The real-Time results agree well with the results of a conventional pump-probe experiment. The time-stretch technique potentially allows to gain access to a large field of ultrafast absorption variations like semiconductor charge carrier dynamics, irreversible polymerization processes, and saturable absorber materi als.