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SecAS '06 - Security in Autonomous Systems

Proceedings of the ETRICS Workshop on Security in Autonomous Systems; Freiburg, Germany, June 6-9, 2006
: Accorsi, R.; Peters, J.

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Freiburg, 2006
CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 183
Workshop on Security in Autonomous Systems (SecAS) <2006, Freiburg>
International Conference on Emerging Trends in Information and Communication Security (ETRICS) <2006, Freiburg>
ISSN: 1613-0073
Tagungsband, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Security; Access control; Distributed systems

Future systems are characterized by: (a) autonomous components and their ad hoc relationships; (b) constant growth: the amount of communicated data steadily grows, data is avidly collected in various forms, and is possibly persistent; and (c) dynamic negotiation of requirements: changing and possibly conflicting requirements of the components have to be taken into account. The resulting systems are therefore called highly dynamic systems. However, today's IT-security methods are insufficient for both privacy and security, as they are designed with current information systems in mind, which are static and incapable of coping with change. Necessary steps to address this problem include the elicitation of requirements and the analysis for vulnerabilities. These give a basis for consistent security policies, which regulate secure inter-organizational collaboration. Security testing then confirms policy enforcement and the effectiveness of protection mechanisms. This workshop proceedings centers around the question "are privacy and security mutually exclusive in autonomous systems?" For this, it solicits modern, outstanding approaches to provide, model and test security guarantees in highly dynamic systems, as well as practical experiences on deploying secure applications.