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Numerical simulation of the double-step pressing of a simplified gear

: Coube, O.; Andrieux, F.; Riedel, H.

Danninger, H. ; European Powder Metallurgy Association -EPMA-:
Euro PM 2004, Powder Metallurgy World Congress & Exhibition. Conference proceedings : Vienna, Austria, 17 - 21 October 2004
Shrewsbury: EPMA, 2004
ISBN: 1-89907-215-2
S.215-222 (Vol.5)
Powder Metallurgy World Congress & Exhibition <2004, Vienna>
Fraunhofer IWM ()
powder; Drucker-Prager-Cap model; Gologanu-Leblond model

The double step pressing of a gear is numerically simulated with the goal to predict the density distribution and the final shape after unloading of the part. The first powder die compaction step is modelled using an extended Drucker-Prager -Cap model, while the second compaction step after sintering is described with the Gologanu-Leblond model. Both models were implemented in the explicit version of the Finite Element program ABAQUS. The simulations are carried out using material parameters for a Distaloy AE powder.