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Benchmarking Survey Results

Benchmarking Befragungsergebnisse
: Heisig, P.; Vorbeck, J.

Mertins, K.; Heisig, P.; Vorbeck, J.:
Knowledge Management. Best Practices in Europe
Berlin: Springer, 2001
ISBN: 3-540-67484-5
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Fraunhofer IPK ()
Wissensmanagement; Befragung; knowledge management

The article describes the results from a Benchmarking Survey of the German TOP 1000 and the European TOP 200 companies. We have structured the survey results according to the business processes, the design fields (Corporate Culture, Leadership, Human Resource Management, Information Technology) for knowledge management and the specific operational methods which are used by the companies to carry out knowledge management. After a brief description of the survey sample, the chapter concludes with the description of the selection process of the best practice companies.