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Web of packaging material sterilised by electrode discharge in the presence of gas mixture and ultra- violet light.
: Neff, W.; Trompeter, F.; Franken, O.; Pochner, K.

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DE 2000-10059131 A: 20001129
EP 2001-998368 AW: 20011128
WO 2001-DE4484 A: 20011128
EP 1337281 A1: 20030827
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WO 200243781 A UPAB: 20021031 NOVELTY - In a process to sterilise a web or deep-drawn material (1), the surface (2) is positioned in a discharge chamber (3) filled with a gas or gas mixture and exposed to a barrier discharge between first (4) and second (5) electrodes. The second electrode is especially a plasma- excited gas or gas mixture emitting ultra violet radiation impinging on the surface (2). DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a sterilisation assembly in which the gas pressure is at least 10000 Pa. The plasma- excited second gas or gas mixture is another plasma- excited gas or gas mixture. One or more additional gases are admitted to the discharge chamber (3) which enhance the surface treatment process and/or improve the uniformity of barrier discharge. Suitable additional gases are helium, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, ozone, water gas, steam, hydrogen peroxide gas or vapour. USE - Process to sterilise a web of packing material by electrode discharge and ultra violet light. ADVANTAGE - The process and assembly combines high efficiency with high-speed treatment of a web.