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Silencer for a motor vehicle comprises microperforated surface structures provided inside a hollow space which touch only on lines/points so that a number of small hollow spaces are aerodynamically/acoustically connected to each other.
: Fuchs, H.V.

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DE 2001-10120727 A: 20010427
EP 2002-740525 AW: 20020426
WO 2002-EP4636 A: 20020426
EP 1382031 A1: 20040121
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WO 200289110 A UPAB: 20021212 NOVELTY - Silencer comprises microperforated components, and a sleeve or a cover (1) at least partly covering or surrounding a first large hollow space (2). Microperforated surface structures (3) provided inside the hollow space touch only on lines or at points so that a number of small hollow spaces (4) are aerodynamically and acoustically connected to each other. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - Preferred Features: The surface structures are made of metal and are provided as flat paths arranged in a zigzag or undulating manner. The surface structures are themselves small rounded or edged hollow spaces or irregular crumpled up hollow spaces. USE - For a motor vehicle. ADVANTAGE - The silencer can be easily taken part for cleaning and re-assembled.