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Method for producing a welded seam on a workpiece with a single laser pulse moves the workpiece and a laser beam at high speed in relation to each other..
: Olowinsky, A.; Kramer, T.; Gillner, A.

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DE 2001-10138651 A: 20010807
EP 2002-758442 AW: 20020807
WO 2002-EP8848 A: 20020807
EP 1414612 A1: 20040506
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WO2003013779 A UPAB: 20030407 NOVELTY - The duration of a laser pulse and the relative speed of the laser pulse and a workpiece being welded determine the length of a welded seam on the workpiece. A single laser pulse impinges on the workpiece repeatedly along the welded seam. The number of times this action is repeated forms a factor, which determines the length of the welded seam i.e. pulse duration plus relative speed divided by number of times the action is repeated. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - A laser beam (1) is directed onto a component (6) via a divergence of rays (2a,2b) and a beam control (4) is directed onto the component by means of a working lens (5). The component to be welded fits on a movable positioning device (7). An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for components produced according to the method of the present invention. USE - For fine welding work in the watch and clock making industry, e.g. for welding dented wheels, buttons of a watch, winding buttons, axles for mechanical watches/clocks. For sensors in the electrical industry for measuring gas pressures and temperatures. ADVANTAGE - At a relative speed between the laser beam and the workpiece, a welding spot on the workpiece does not take place longer than without relative motion.