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Method for encoding transformation coefficients in image/video encoders and decoders encodes blocks of video images to determine positions of significant transformation coefficients after scanning.
: Schwarz, H.; Marpe, D.; Wiegand, T.

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DE 2002-10220961 A: 20020502
EP 2003-725142 AW: 20030502
WO 2003-EP4656 A: 20030502
EP 1500281 A1: 20050126
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WO2003094529 A UPAB: 20031223 NOVELTY - A first one-bit symbol (CBP4) is transmitted for each block of transformation coefficients. If the CBP4 shows that a corresponding block contains significant coefficients, a significance image is encoded as a result of the transmission of a one-bit symbol (SIG) for each coefficient in a scan sequence. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - If a corresponding significance symbol is 'one', then a further one-bit symbol (LAST) is transmitted to show whether a present significant coefficient is a last coefficient within a block or whether further significant coefficients are following. Positions of significant transformation coefficients contained in a block are determined and encoded for each block in a first scanning process, followed by a second scanning process carried out in reverse order. INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are also included for the following: (a) A structure with a processor/chip set up to carry out the method of the present invention; (b) and for a computer program for carrying out the method of the present invention when loaded; (c) and for a computer-readable memory medium for storing a program to carry out the method of the present invention; (d) and for a method for downloading a computer program e.g. from the Internet onto a data-processing device linked to a data network. USE - For video encoding. ADVANTAGE - This method offers a novel efficient means for binary arithmetic encoding of transformation coefficients in the field of video encoding.