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Synthesis, formulation, rapid curing of particle-based inkjet/aerosol-jet printed films for electronic and sensory devices

Poster presented at Printed and Flexible Electronics Congress, London, 21.-22.2.2017
Synthesis, formulation and rapid curing of particles based inkjet and aerosol-jet printed films for electronic and sensory devices
: Fritsch, Marco; Vinnichenko, Mykola; Sauchuk, Viktar; Trofimenko, Nikolai

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2017, 1 Folie
Printed and Flexible Electronics Congress <2017, London>
Poster, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Inkjet; Nano-inks; printing; laser curing; printed electronics; Digital Printing; Material inks; nanoparticle

IKTS will present the synthesis and formulation of digital inkjet and aerosol jet printable material inks based on Ag, Au, Pt, Pd, Rh and Cu for the R2R printing of electronic components and sensor devices. The developed wet chemical precipitation method allows the synthesis of metal nanoparticles by a high yield. Based on these nanoparticles customized eco-friendly water based inks are formulated. These inks show a high compatibility with the printing process and a high shelf life. Critical ink and printing parameters are summarized and discussed. Due to the fact, that the industry uses a variety of electronic and sensory substrates, a method to adapt the curing temperature to low (polymer), middle (glass) and high temperature (ceramic) substrates for the printing of electronic conductors and sensor electrodes is presented. Important physical and chemical ink specifications like particle size, viscosity, surface tension, sedimentation stability as well as electronic conductivities and adhesion of printed films will be shown. Especially, solutions to optimize the adhesion, curing and electronic conductivity of printed films on low temperature substrates like PET are presented. Usually printing films are cured in conventional belt furnace. Here, we present a new millisecond functionalization technique, based on a line laser system. Thereby, the rapid curing of printed films on thermal sensitive substrates for R2R process is presented.