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Method for automatic resumption of runtime verification monitors

: Drabek, Christian; Weiß, Gereon; Bauer, Bernhard

Volltext urn:nbn:de:0011-n-4458871 (319 KByte PDF)
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Erstellt am: 1.6.2017

Kajko-Mattsson, Mira (Ed.) ; International Academy, Research, and Industry Association -IARIA-:
SOFTENG 2017, Third International Conference on Advances and Trends in Software Engineering : Part of NexComm 2017; April 23 - 27, 2017, Venice, Italy
IARIA, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-61208-553-1
International Conference on Advances and Trends in Software Engineering (SOFTENG) <3, 2017, Venice>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer ESK ()
resumption; runtime verification; monitor; state machine; networked embedded systems; model-based

In networked embedded systems created with parts from different suppliers, deviations from the expected communication behavior often cause integration problems. Therefore, runtime verification monitors are used to detect if observed communication behavior fulfills defined correctness properties. However, in order to resume verification if unspecified behavior is observed, the runtime monitor needs a definition of the resumption. Otherwise, further deviations may be overlooked. We present a method for extending state-based runtime monitors with resumption in an automated way. This enables continuous monitoring without interruption. The method may exploit diverse resumption algorithms. In an evaluation, we show how to find the best suited resumption extension for a specific application scenario and compare the algorithms.