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Plasma Spheroidised Metals for Additive Manufacturing

Presentation held at 2nd "Advances in Materials Development" Workshop, 24th-25th of April 2017, Prague, Czech Republic
: Kolaric, Ivica

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2017, 51 Folien
"Advances in Materials Development" Workshop <2, 2017, Prague>
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Additive Manufacturing (AM); metallurgy; flexible Produktion; nanomaterials; Leichtbau

Metal and ceramic powders are the basis for many technical and industrial processes and applications, such as powder metallurgy, thermal spraying, electronics and catalysis. Nevertheless, there is still a need for further developments, because the powdery raw materials eventually determine the properties of final products and may be the cause of the problems in the processing of these: Impurities or corrosion processes at the powder production (e.g. by the grinding processes) can have a disadvantageous effect or the particle shape leads to a greater abrasion or a rough coating texture.
At the same time market requirements are changing more and more quickly and frequently. To be able to react to this, manufacturers need flexible, fast solutions for development, production and quality assurance. Thereby, the high melting point of metals such as tungsten or titanium or technical ceramics (tungsten carbide), which are important for hard alloys, is an additional challenge. Fraunhofer IPA uses the capabilities of the Radio-frequency (RF) plasma process, where different methods can be performed in fast 1-step processes to convert (spheroidisation), modify, alloy, purify or synthesize powdery - even refractory – material. The RF Plasma technology enables the development of new particles for emerging application methods such as additive manufacturing or printed electronics. Beside a view on the applications the talk will take a detail view on production issues. To explore the potential of the RF technologies, they need to be installed in an industrial environment properly and to fulfil the requirements of an industrial production. Within this talk issues like explosion protection correct installation, protection of the workers and workplace as well impact of the safety precaution on the production and price performance of the material will be addressed.