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Komplexe Auswertung von Fachinformationen am Beispiel der Fachanwendung Grundwasser Baden-Württemberg

Complex analysis of specialized information using the example of the specialized application for groundwater in Baden-Württemberg
: Schmieder, Martin; Moßgraber, Jürgen

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Freitag, Ulrike (Ed.) ; Gesellschaft für Informatik -GI-, Arbeitskreis Umweltinformationssysteme:
23. Workshop "Umweltinformationssysteme 2016 - Umweltbeobachtung: Nah und Fern", UIS 2016. Tagungsband. Online resource : Leipzig, Deutschland, 1.-2. Juni 2016
Leipzig, 2016 (CEUR Workshop Proceedings 1781)
Gesellschaft für Informatik, Arbeitskreis Umweltinformationssysteme (Workshop) <23, 2016, Leipzig>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IOSB ()

Advanced reporting obligations and stricter legal regulations increase the requirements on modern environmental information systems. Specialized applications have to support new ways of analysis and representation of the collected data in order to gain new insights. The article presents the thematic application for groundwater management in Baden-Württemberg, which is tailored to the needs of the users in the environmental agencies. Three typical use cases are described: calculation and visualization of the influence of geothermal drilling on the groundwater temperature, trend analysis on groundwater quality data according to legal regulations, new diagrams to clearly visualize and compare fluctuations of groundwater levels.