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Energy efficiency potentials of different robot design concepts

: Permin, Eike; Kurilova-Palisaitiene, Jelena; Mannheim, Tom; Buhse, Kai; Schmitt, Robert; Corves, Burkhard; Björkman, Mats


Schüppstuhl, T. ; Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Montage, Handhabung und Industrierobotik -MHI-:
Robotics and automated production lines : Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 1st MHI Colloquium, February 24-25, 2016, Hamburg, Germany
Pfaffikon: TTP, 2016 (Applied mechanics and materials 840)
ISBN: 978-3-03835-759-9
Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Montage, Handhabung und Industrierobotik (MHI Colloquium) <1, 2016, Hamburg>
Fraunhofer IPT ()
energy efficiency; robots; parallel manipulator; self-optimization

Rising prices and political conditions are increasing the pressure on manufacturers to increase their energy efficiency. While measures for energy intensive processes such as heating or material transformation have been researched in large number in the last year, less effort has been put into the area of robot-based operations. In contrast to that, large potentials can be expected by optimizing the load-to-weight ratio in pick-and-place or assembly tasks. This paper thus researches the energy efficiency potentials of three robot concepts. The standard serial unit is compared to a parallel robot and a hybrid approach between the two, the PARAGRIP. In addition to a review of the current state of the art, a simulation is presented demonstrating saving potentials of more than 40 per cent i n an industrial application scenario.