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Einrichtung zur Überwachung der Eingriffspunkte getrennt angeordneter Kupplungs-Bremssysteme

Contact point monitor for clutch and brake systems - with opposite pairs of end switches in two neighbouring friction discs
: Schuetz, H.G.

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DD 1978-207356 A2: 19780818
DE 1979-2924078 A: 19790615
DE 2924078 A1: 19800228
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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DD 138168 A UPAB: 19940205 The monitor is for clutches and brakes of separately located systems; esp. single disc clutches and brakes on presses and shears. The switch points of the systems are determined by control of their actuators, while the contact points are determined by the switch points, friction forces, in the actuators, and the actuating path. The friction disc (6, 7) of the clutch (1) and brake (2) have facing pairs of transmitters. An additional pair of transmitters is positioned in each friction disc, located at a rotational angle, on the same radius. The transmitters of one pair are connected via an AND-gate (10-13) to an evaluation circuit. Both pairs of clutch and brake transmitters are each connected to the circuit via an OR-gate (14, 18).