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Absorbierender Wundverband und Verfahren zu seiner Herstellung

Particulate absorbent wound dressing contg. regenerated cellulose - and polysaccharide deriv. carrying carboxylate gps.
: Dautzenberg, H.; Loth, F.; Borrmeister, B.; Bertram, D.; Lettau, H.; Stamberg, J.; Peska, J.

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DD 1981-233684 A: 19810930
EP 1982-108555 A: 19820916
EP 75791 B1: 19860409
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EP 75791 A UPAB: 19941115 Absorbent dressing for wounds consists of particles of a mixt. of (a) regenerated cellulose and (b) 3-30% of a polysaccharide deriv. contg. carboxylate gps. After wetting with aq. liqs., the mixt. has a macroporous structure. Used for covering and cleaning of discharging, infectious wounds, and of surfaces in cases of skin and tissue diseases. The dressing is non-toxic, compatible with tissues, can be applied to uneven or fissured wounds, rapidly removes 1.5-20 ml/g of wound exudations, including bacteria, fungi, toxins, proteins, prostaglandins and substances causing inflammation, can be sterilised, is active in presence of glycerol or polyalkylene glycols, promotes granulation and epithelisation, does not tend to swell, is permeable to air, and can be prepd. economically.