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New energetic ingredients for solid rocket propulsion

: DeLuca, L.T.; Palmucci, I.; Franzin, A.; Weiser, V.; Gettwert, V.; Wingborg, N.; Sjoblom, M.

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Guti-huojian-jishu = Journal of solid rocket technology 39 (2016), Nr.6, S.765-774
ISSN: 1006-2793
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Fraunhofer ICT ()

Two metallized solid rocket propellant formulations, based on either the standard AP/HTPB matrix commonly used in space propulsion or the new matrix ADN/GAP, were analyzed. The two formulations in terms of ideal thermochemistry and experimental combustion properties were compared. Thus, a dual-oxidizer system bound by an active binder and loaded with a dual metal fuel was proposed as optimum formulation for space exploration missions. For all configurations, only laboratory level testing was discussed. For motor applications, full-scale testing is needed to ensure a complete mastering of the process.