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Verfahren zur Herstellung eines elektrooptischen Bauelements

Integrated electrooptical component mfg system - uses adjustment structure applied to carrier plate together with electrical structures for alignment of machining tool forming light waveguide channel..
: Hahn, D.; Mayer, K.; Dannberg, P.; Scharrer, V.

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DE 1995-19508025 A: 19950307
EP 1996-102068 A: 19960213
EP 731365 B1: 19981223
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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EP 731365 A UPAB: 19961011 The electrooptical component mfg system uses a carrier plate (10) to which electrical structures (16) and an adjustment structure (18) are applied before application of a substrate material. A light waveguide channel (29) is formed in the surface of the substrate using a corresponding-shaped machining tool, which is aligned with the carrier plate via a counter-structure, cooperating with the adjustment structure. The obtained channel is filled with a polymer material for formation of the light waveguide. ADVANTAGE - Allows exact alignment of light waveguides and electrical conductor paths.