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Vorrichtung zur endoskopischen Diagnose und Behandlung von Gewebe

Endoscopic diagnosis and treatment device - includes treatment laser and at least two diagnosis lasers, and comprises narrow end section, at whose end rays of light of all lasers are emitted on same optical axis.
: Duetting, K.; Schurr, M.; Buess, G.; Mueller, G.; Wagner, B.

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DE 1996-19646236 A: 19961108
EP 1997-119015 A: 19971031
EP 845238 B1: 20010829
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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DE 19646236 A UPAB: 19980701 The medical device includes a treatment laser (1) and at least two diagnosis lasers (5, 6) of different wavelengths, whereby each diagnosis laser is associated with a reception arrangement (7). A control and evaluation arrangement (4) is provided, and the device has a narrow end section (3), at whose end the rays of light of all lasers are emitted. The radiation paths are led in such way, that the optical axis of the treatment laser coincides with that of the diagnosis lasers, at least at the distant end of the device. Three diagnosis lasers of different wavelengths, preferably the wavelength ranges red, green and blue, are preferably provided. USE - Especially for treatment of malign tissues in human or animal body. ADVANTAGE - Provides improved arrangement and enables increased positioning accuracy of laser beams.