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Lahystotrain: Development and evaluation of a complex Training System for Hysteroscopy

: Müller-Wittig, W.K.; Bisler, A.; Bockholt, U.; Los Arcos, J.L.; Oppelt, P.; Stähler, J.; Voss, G.

Westwood, J.D.:
Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 2001. Proceedings : Outer Space, Inner Space, Virtual Space
Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2001 (Studies in health technology and informatics 70)
ISBN: 1-58603-143-0
ISBN: 4-274-90419-9
Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference (MMVR) <9, 2001, Newport Beach/Calif.>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
surgical training; VR simulation; intelligent tutoring

Hysteroscopy has already become an irreplaceable method in gynaecoloic diagnosis and therapy. In the diagnostic case the hysteroscope with a 30° optic is insert transvaginally, in the therapeutic case the resctoscope with a 12° optic is used. The endoscoppic intervention requires special surgical skills for endoscope handling and remote instrument control. To acquire these skills currently hands-on training in clinical praxis has become standard, which is linked with higher danger for the women. To overcome current drawbacks of traditional training methods the European project LAHYSTOTRAIN was set up, that tries to combine Virtual Reality (VR), Multimedia (MM) technology, and Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) to develop an alternative training system for hysteroscopic interventions. The first prototype of the LAHYSTOTRAIN demonstrator has been shown on several European conferences. An evaluation of the system was performed, with the idea, to collect feedback and impressions, that should be considered in further developments. This paper presents the LAHYSTOTRAIN prototype and the results of these evaluations.