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Holzschutzmittel, Verfahren zur Herstellung sowie dessen Verwendung

Stable, non-toxic, inexpensive wood protectant composition having strong fungicidal activity, comprising solution of salicylic acid in ethanol.
: Bruhn, S.

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DE 1999-19935449 A: 19990728
DE 1999-19935449 A: 19990728
WO 2000-EP7117 A: 20000725
DE 19935449 B4: 20040318
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(B4)(A1) Die Erfindung betrifft ein Holzschutzmittel, das neben verschiedenen moeglichen Metallsalzen auch ein Tierblutserum enthaelt, dem ausserdem zur Verringerung der Herstellungskosten, der Erweiterung des Anwendungsbereiches sowie einer hoeheren Lagerstabilitaet zusaetzlich Salicylsaeure zugegeben worden ist.


WO 200107217 A UPAB: 20010323 NOVELTY - A wood protectant composition contains salicylic acid (I) dissolved in ethanol as essential fungicidal component. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - A wood protectant composition contains salicylic acid (I) dissolved in ethanol as essential fungicidal component. An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is included for a method for protecting wood against fungal degradation and controlling wood-degrading fungi, involving treating the wood with (I) dissolved in ethanol. ACTIVITY - Fungicidal. In tests in pine sapwood, pretreatment with 2 wt. % (I) in ethanol completely prevented weight loss on incubation with Gloeophyllum sepiarum for 5 weeks at 23 deg. C, whereas untreated wood showed a weight loss of 26.3% under the same conditions. MECHANISM OF ACTION - None given. USE - For protecting wood, especially structural timber, against degradation and rotting caused by fungi such as Serpula lacrimans, Gloeophyllum sepiarum or Donkioporia expansa. ADVANTAGE - (I) (previously used as a bactericide in human and veterinary medicine) has been found to show strong fungicidal activity against living saprophytic fungi. It is readily available in large amounts, inexpensive, non-toxic and stable on long-term storage in ethanolic solution. The ethanolic solution penetrates deeply into the wood. (I) is readily fixed in wood using a combination of animal blood serum and metal salts, thus preventing bleeding of (I) from the wood and giving a water-resistant fungicidal effect; animal blood serum is inexpensive and readily available, and in presence of metal salts provides additional fungicidal activity.