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Mittel und Verfahren zur Dimensionsstabilisierung von Holz oder Holzwerkstoffen

Dimensional stabilisation of wood - by treatment with compsn. contg. alkyd resin and aromatic cpd. of more than 10 carbon atoms, esp. fluoranthene
: Boettcher, P.; Zander, M.

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DE 1986-3609589 A: 19860321
DE 1986-3609589 A: 19860321
DE 3609589 A1: 19870924
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Mittel und Verfahren zur Dimensionsstabilisierung von Holz oder Holzwerkstoffen. Zur Dimensionsstabilisierung von Holz oder Holzwerkstoffen eignet sich eine Zusammensetzung, die ein Alkydharz und eine aromatische Verbindung mit mehr als 10 C-Atomen enthaelt.


EP 237703 A UPAB: 19930922 An agent (I) for the dimensional stabilisation of wood materials contains an aromatic cpd. with above 10C atoms (II) and an alkyd resin (III). A process for such stabilisation, using (I), is also claimed. The components are dissolved in an organic solvent and pref. emulsified with water, or suspended in water, or a soln. of (II) in a non-water-miscible solvent is emulsified with an aq. soln. of water-sol. (III); pref. amts. are 0.01-2 wt.% (II) and 5-20 wt.% (III); (II) is a non-alternating cpd., esp. fluoranthene. (I) also contains the usual amts. of the usual paint additives, e.g. drying agents, fungicides, bactericides, insecticides, emulsifiers, antifoam agents, UV-absorbers, flow promoters, crosslinkers, thickeners, pigments, or fire retardants. The treatment is carried out with or without the use of excess pressure and/or reduced pressure. Esp., the treatment is applied to beech wood. ADVANTAGE - Treatment with (I) enables the simple and economical stabilisation of wood against dimensional changes due to moisture uptake, weathering, etc.