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Verstaerkte Gipsplatten

Reinforced plaster board mfr. - by mixing calcium sulphate hemi-hydrate, water, and reinforcement, and adding poly isocyanate to mixt. or to board surface
: Kossatz, G.; Sattler, H.; Kammerer, R.; Sachs, H.I.; Schaepel, D.

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DE 1986-3626048 A: 19860801
DE 1986-3626048 A: 19860801
DE 3626048 A1: 19880211
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Die Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren zur Herstellung von verstaerkten Gipsplatten aus Gips(-Halbhydrat), gegebenenfalls Bewehrungsstoffen, vorzugsweise Cellulose-Teilchen, unter Zumischung von Polyisocyanaten bei der Herstellung von Gipsplatten und/oder Aufbringen von Polyisocyanaten auf die Oberflaeche der Gipsplatten. Die Erfindung betrifft ferner Polyharnstoff-modifizierte, verstaerkte Gipsplatten aus Gips(-Halbhydrat), gegebenenfalls Bewehrungsstoffen, vorzugsweise Cellulose-Teilchen, und Polyisocyanaten, mit verbesserter Festigkeit, Wasserfestigkeit und Biegefestigkeit der Gipsplatten.


DE 3626048 A UPAB: 19930923 Reinforced plaster boards (I) are mfd. by mixing technical or pure rehydratable gypsum binder, pref. CaSO4.1/2H2O (II), with water, and reinforcing substance as required (pref. cellulose particles) (III), and pressing; the novelty is that polyisocyanates (IV) are added to the mixt. or applied to the surface of the prepd. board. (I) are claimed as such, in which the polyurea formed from (IV) is homogeneously distributed over the cross-section of the board or conc. in the edge zones. (IV) is a polymethylene- polyphenylpolyisocyanate, pref. modified to make it water-emulsifiable; amt. of (IV) is 1-10 wt.% w.r.t. (II) (III) (dry); (III) is pref. wood chips 1-10mm long; wt. ratio (III):(II) is from 0.25:1 to 0.35:1; pref., boards are modified with polyurea only in an edge zone by application of (IV) to the prepd, board surface. USE/ADVANTAGE - (I) are useful in the building and construction industry. Modification of (I) with (IV) gives improved strength, water resistance, and flexural strength.