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Verfahren zum Sterilisieren von stueckigen Lebensmitteln sowie Vorrichtung dafuer.

Sliced loose foodstuff sterilisation process - involves placing food under vacuum without pouring on liq. before treatment with saturated steam.
: Kluge, G.; Prasch, E.; Fink, A.; Cerny, G.

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DE 1986-3643366 A: 19861218
EP 1987-118805 A: 19871218
DE 3779270 CE: 19920520
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EP 271915 A UPAB: 19930923 Without pouring liq. onto the food pieces, they are initially placed under vacuum in a first stage (6) and then treated in a second stage (11) directly with saturated steam at 125 to 160 deg.C for between 40 and 360 seconds. The steam is then expelled from the chamber by cold sterile inert gas, pref. sterile air. The gas pressure is reduced to atmospheric pressure over a period of 20 to 60 seconds. After this the food pieces are packed. USE - A sterilisation process for loose foodstuffs in the form of standard-size slices, partic. root crops, and of not more than 7 mm max. dimension, after peeling and if necessary blanching. Partic. with potatoes, carrots and celery. 2/2