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Axial-flow fan in wall mounted flow duct - has aperture(s) in wall in impeller blade tip region, with cover fitted with ports.
: Wieland, H.D.; Fuchs, H.V.; Ackermann, U.; Jacobs, A.; Mohr, J.

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DE 1989-3927791 A: 19890823
EP 1990-114295 A: 19900726
DE 59010616 CE: 19961227
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EP 413987 A UPAB: 19930928 The axial-flow fan with bladed impeller is housed in a duct in an enclosing wall (1). One or more apertures (20) are formed in the latter at the blade tip (15) region, each with a cover (21) with ports (22) at the side facing the duct. The covers pref. have fine ports. They are typically of textile fabric, or gauze. There can also be a coarse cover with a large number of holes. ADVANTAGE - No turbulent discharge flow, and stable characteristic over the entire output range. 1/6