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Verfahren zur Herstellung aufschaeumbarer Metallkoerper.

Foamable metal body prodn. - by hot pressing or rolling of metal and propellant powder mixt..
: Schrader, H.; Baumeister, J.

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DE 1991-4101630 A: 19910121
EP 1991-106755 A: 19910426
DE 4101630 C2: 19920416
EP 460392 B1: 19960904
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EP 460392 A UPAB: 20010607 (A) a foamable metal body is produced by mixing metal powder(s) with gas-evolving propellant powder(s) and hot pressing to form a semi-finished product, the novelty being that hot pressing is carried out at a temp. at which metal particle bonding occurs mainly by diffusion and at a pressure sufficiently high to prevent propellant decompsn., the bonded metal particle forming a gas-tight enclosure for gas bubbles subsequently produced by the propellant. (B) In a similar process, the mixt. is subjected to hot rolling instead of hot pressing. (C) Also claimed is one of the metal body, produced by the processes for prodn. of a porous metal body by heating to above the propellant decompsn. temp. and then cooling the resulting foamed body. ADVANTAGE - The processes are simple and inexpensive, allow use of propellants with low decompsn. temp. and allow prodn. of bodies with (dis)continuously varying density over their cross-sections.