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Elektrochemische Zelle und Verfahren zu ihrer Herstellung

An electrode for electrochemical cells - Has substrate of transition metal annealed with inorganic compound of alkali metal to form complex oxide covering.
: Hambitzer, G.; Heitbaum, J.

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DE 1992-4241276 A: 19921208
EP 1996-116898 A: 19931203
EP 766326 B1: 20000412
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DE 4241276 A UPAB: 19940817 An electrode for electrochemical cells has a metallic substrate combined with an active material which is a complex metallic oxide of the form AxMyOz, where A is an alkali metal and M is a transition metal and which is the same metal as that of the substrate. This active material is formed by annealing an inorganic compound of the alkali metal to the substrate in the presence of oxygen, at around 800 degrees centigrade. The transition metal has an atomic number between 22 and 28, and cobalt is suggested. The substrate may be an alloy of this metal, provided the metal content is at least 90%. The metallic oxide will be a carbonate, nitrate or hydroxide. ADVANTAGE High stability and high conductivity