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Optisches Schichtsystem und Verfahren zur haftfesten Beschichtung mit einem optischen Schichtsystem

Optical coating system for radiation-sensitive plastic substrates comprises a protective oxide layer with high absorbance at short wavelengths and optically-functional outer layers.
: Kaiser, N.; Munzert, P.; Scheler, M.; Schulz, U.

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DE 2002-10201492 A: 20020116
DE 2002-10201492 A: 20020116
DE 10201492 A1: 20030731
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DE 10201492 A UPAB: 20031203 NOVELTY - An optical coating system for radiation-sensitive plastic substrates (1) comprises a protective layer (2) of oxide material with high absorbance in the range of wavelengths below 250 nm and functional optical layer(s) (3) deposited on layer (2). DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a method for the adhesive coating of substrates (1) with an optical coating system using the PVD technique, by deposition of oxide layer (2) on (1) by means of resistive evaporation, followed by deposition of layer(s) (3). USE - For coating radiation-sensitive plastic substrates with optically-functional coatings. ADVANTAGE - Enables the production of mechanically-stable coatings with good optical properties, improved climatic stability and better adhesion to plastic substrates than conventional coatings, without affecting the surface structure of the substrate. These coatings can be produced on conventional vacuum vapor deposition systems without expensive additional equipment.