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Antimikrobiell modifiziertes Substrat, Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung sowie dessen Verwendung

Antimicrobially-modified substrates, e.g. packaging film or bus seats, obtained by treatment with a copolymer containing quat. ammonium groups and groups which can bond to the substrate, optionally with a coupling agent.
: Thome, J.; Hollaender, A.; Jaeger, W.; Hahn, M.; Trick, I.

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DE 2002-10211562 A: 20020315
DE 2002-10211562 A: 20020315
DE 10211562 A1: 20031002
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Die Erfindung betrifft ein antimikrobiell modifiziertes Substrat sowie ein Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung, das die Ansiedlung und das Wachstum von Bakterien vermindert. Verwendung finden derartige Substrate in der Medizintechnik, Biotechnologie, Verpackungsindustrie, Textilindustrie sowie fuer weitere technische Zwecke.


DE 10211562 A UPAB: 20040107 NOVELTY - Antimicrobially-modified substrates with an antimicrobial (co)polymer (AP) bound to the substrate directly or via a coupling reagent, where the (co)polymer (AP) contains at least one quat. ammonium group and at least one group which undergoes coupling. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a method for the antimicrobial modification of substrates by direct or coupled covalent bonding of (AP) to the substrate by means of coupling groups. USE - As food materials, medical and biotechnical materials and hygiene articles, in the form of film, textiles, non-wovens, membranes, cardboard, paper or metal objects (claimed). Applications include, e.g. packaging, seats in public transport and public toilets. ADVANTAGE - Enables the production of covalently-bound, antimicrobial coatings in a one-step process at room temperature (RT), using aqueous media containing a very small amount of active antimicrobial agent.