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Verfahren zur Herstellung duroplastischer Halbzeuge

Continuous manufacture of thermosetting plastic semi-finished product involves pre-gelation of mixed resins and other ingredients to obtain stable product.
: Henning, F.; Braeuning, R.; Troester, S.; Radtke, A.; Krause, W.; Geiger, O.

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DE 2002-10211920 A: 20020318
DE 2002-10211920 A: 20020318
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Die Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren zur Herstellung duroplastischer Halbzeuge sowie die hierueber hergestellten duroplastischen Halbzeuge. Besonderes Merkmal ist dabei, dass die Herstellung unterbrechungslos erfolgt und auf die bislang uebliche Reifezeit der Halbzeuge verzichtet werden kann. Verwendung finden diese Duroplaste als Bauteile u. a. im Automobilbereich sowie in der Elektroindustrie.


WO2003078143 A UPAB: 20031211 NOVELTY - Components of a resin-based compound are continuously homogenized (12) and are then pre-gelled under specific conditions in which the energy supplied to or removed from the compound is closely monitored and controlled. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are included for: (1) a thermosetting semi-finished product made by the process; (2) use of the process for manufacturing a wide range of components. USE - For production of semi-finished thermosetting plastic products, e.g. SMC (sheet molding compound) or BMC (bulk molding compound) used for molding components for the automobile, electrical, construction, foodstuffs and transportation industries, in particular instrument panels, engine compartment bonnets, tailgates and bumpers (all claimed). ADVANTAGE - Integration of the various process stages to give a continuous process reduces energy costs and eliminates cooled storage of the semi-finished product which results in a more constant product quality and therefore molded product reproducibility.