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Powered knee orthosis for performance of assistance and rehabilitation purposes

: Shysh, M.; Safonov, A.; Telesh, A.; Schmucker, U.


Su, H.:
Assistive robotics. 18th International Conference on CLAWAR 2015. Proceedings : HangZhou, 06-09 September 2015
Hackensack/NJ: World Scientific, 2016
ISBN: 978-981-4725-23-1
ISBN: 978-981-4725-25-5
ISBN: 981-4725-24-2
ISBN: 978-981-4725-24-8
ISBN: 981-4725-23-4
International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots (CLAWAR) <18, 2005, HangZhou>
Fraunhofer IFF ()

Such modern social issues as demographic ageing and relevance of living conditions enhancement, along with mobility maintenance of different population groups, makes powered orthosis and exoskeleton the core research and application issue. Being widely used, they play a key role for medication purposes, such as rehabilitation of patients suffering from stroke, spinal cord injuries or lower limb surgeries. From the perspective of a healthy person, powered orthosis and exoskeleton can help increasing the body performance capabilities, allowing transferring a heavy weight, moving faster and further. In the long term, such devices can find an application in sport, tourism and industry. This article describes a pilot version of a powered knee orthosis based on series elastic actuator (SEA) with flexible hydraulic transmission.